2018 Over The Knee Sock Boots

New arrival of the thigh high boots designer, this over the knee boots made of soft elastic material, with good breathability, the color is black, this same model we also have the burgundy color, other colors also available if you need, this women winter boots is pointed toe with chunky heel, because it is with good elasticity, it is very similar with the popular sock boots, it is also different from most of the other sock boots, this shoe is over the knee, not just the ankle style, and the lining material is lycra, this kind of fabric feels very comfortable, and also can keep warm in winter, under the cold weather when we choose a pair of shoes not just because it is beautiful but we also need to keep warm. Mid-heel shoes of the 1980s return once again, and at the same time, modernity has renewed it as the trend of wearing shoes and socks. Although in 2013 a British media published a “Worst” fashion on more than 1,500 customers in the shopping mall In the investigation, sandals and socks with a combination of high votes were elected. However, in 2014, fashion people seem to want to defend this trend, have set off again in the Fashion Week, the climax of wearing shoes and socks, was as expected, this revolution to defeat the revolution, fashion recovery and was accepted by everyone. But even so, you can not just put on a pair of socks into the shoes, fashion is after all the rules and regulations, more than 11 sets of shoes and socks with wear program with you so that you can not.brand boots shoes, or designer boots shoes please cheek our 2018 collection. Processing time is about 7-12 working days, the shipping time is about 2-8 working days, any questions you can contact us via email.

Fur Designer Lace Up Thigh High Boots

This boots made of leather, black color, the and the top decorated with the warm fur, and a short lace at the top back, chunky heel styles and pointed toe very modest, and soft material feel very comfortable. If you like brand or designer shoes then this one will be the right one In the winter, there are so many mysterious “invisible girls” who, in your impression, the height seems to be 170cm, especially shorter girls, wearing lace up thigh high boots will give us a look of slim and slender, but in fact their’s Height less than 160cm. What caused the “illusion”? You need to know the secrets of these “seemingly high” boots. If you are a shorter girl, how to wear it in winter? No swollen but stylish? Tight leg pants matching over the knee boots, the same color with the pants, jacket into the pants, raising the waist line, a small scarf and jacket color stroke contrast. This way gives you a higher look, at least 5 cm. Mixing different materials is the coolest wear in winter. For the short girls, the most important dress rule is to try to visually boost their height. The first method is to raise your waistline, then we must choose a suitable high waist pants, the belt will also be a good choice, to tell everyone, my waist is high! If you like wearing skirt very much, you can choose a suede skirt, the first suede material is very easy to be extravagant, the second to mention the high skirt, and then the jacket into the perfect solution to the height problem. The third way to improve height, is to buy a wide leg pants, as mentioned before, to improve along the line, but also hide your high heels or short boots, so that your height is invisible. We have many new arrivals of brand boots and designer boots, all with the newest design and decorations. Our processing time usually about 8-12 working days, and the shipping time is about 2-5 working days, but that still depends on the destinations, welcome to contact us any time.

Designer Thigh High Sock Boots

Here comes the 2018, many people cannot wait to take off the heavy coat, woollen trousers and snow boots, the sprig is coming, are you ready for it, as the most popular product of last year, sock boots must be the necessary one. The ankle style sock boots, knee high or thigh high sock boots, we may saw the ankle style the most, it is good to pair the trousers or the long dress, most of these kind of brand boots made of cotton or velvet, because it is very soft and also have very good elasticity, just like out socks. Usually the boots especially the knee high or the thigh high we need the zipper or the lace to help us to wear the shoe, but the sock style wear the boots easy like wear the socks. This is our first new product for 2018, split multi color, with black and pink, half formal and half cute, do you like it, or you may like mix some other colors, like red or blue, yellow or green, nude or purple, and so on, you can tell us, we can product his over the knee sock boots the color you like, the thick heel is about 8 cm, with a very sexy pointed toe, the material is elastic suede, so this over the knee cock boots may not as tight as the real sock fabric cotton, even though it can still give you a thinner legs, the split color will give us the visual illusion, which makes your legs looks half thin. More brand boots, designer boots, please cheek our new arrival, processing time of this boots is about 10-15 working days, the shipping depends on the destinations, usually needs about 2-5 working days. Anything you want to know about us or this shoe please leave us message we will reply you as soon as possible.

Silver Evening Shoes

After you saw the story of Cinderella, do you want a pair of glass slipper, like the one in the movie, we have the princess crystal shoes for you now, the size from 34- 46, plus size is available, the heel height is about 10-13 cm, with the fashion elegant gold bottom, this high heels looks more unique, the surface of the shoe covered with the Rhinestones, under the sun or the light this shoe looks very shiny, will help you to be the focus, for wedding or evening and also parties, this one will be the best choice, simple and classic, made of real leather, pointed toe is also the fashion style we young ladies like it very much. This is the hot sale of the Bridal Shoes, many other brand shoes or designer shoes all have the same item, but we give you the best price, with best quality, for every girl should have this one.

Gladiator Heels

After the cold winter, we may have already tired of the heavy ugly boots, when the spring is coming we need more fashion, stylish, beautiful and colorful women shoes for the new season. The winter always means the monotonous and deadness, we just have few choices, like where to go or what to wear, winter is so cold, especially the north part of the country, winter always come with the heavy now, so if we go out we need to wear thick heavy coat and warm boots, because the first important things is how to keep warm, you have no choice to wear beautiful. So the winter passed the weather changed, we have a beautiful season that is spring, this season the sunlight shines on the whole world, we take off our boring overcoat, and heave boots. Spring full of vigor, and what we need now is update the clothes and shoes in our wardrobe, collect the things of the last season on the attic. But now you may have a new question, what is the best for this year, we know for ourselves, especially girls, young lady or women, we want on the right fashion route always, because we do not want to be the social withdrawal. Do not worry about it, womenshoesnew.com have already prepared all you need for you, look back these years, street snap, fashion week, or TV shows, you will find that many styles which used to the most fashionable you can not find now, and you may confused what will be the next hot items, if you choose right one then you will be the fashion icon. glance over our this category you may get the idea, yes that what we talk about today, we want to recommend the best thing of this year to the best you, that is the gladiator heels, you may have noticed that many celebrities wear the gladiator summer boots in the early spring, you hesitate whether to take it home, and the next second your friends have already dress is on the street say hi to you, so choose one now, for the next summer we have already prepared the gladiator sandals for you, the knee high gladiator heels will also be the good choice if you go the prom or parties with your friends. We all love brand shoes or designer but sometimes the price is too high to won, come to our store we provide you the best quality women shoes and affordable price, if you have not find the on you like, you can also give us the sample pictures shoes can also be customized, usually our processing time is about 7-12 working days, sometimes some hot products or material is out of stock the processing time will be a little bit longer than usual, the shipping time depends on the destinations, usually takes about 2-5 working days, we will reply you as soon as possible, you can send us email womenshoesnew@yahoo.com or leave message on the “contact us” page, any questions please feel free to contact us.